Octopuses (not octopi!) have eight arms (not tentacles!) but some of my creatures have seven as my counting skills go down after 8pm.

Fast facts about the Creature:
- embroidered eyes to match the underarms
- underarms in the colour of your choice
- body colour white
- outside - 100 % wool
- inside - recycled polyester filling
- length -  23 cm (top of the head to tip of arms)

Care instructions for the Creature:
- machine wash at wool-/hand-wash cycle (braid loose hair, use wash-bag to be extra safe)
- cool water (+30C or less)
- minimum spin cycle
- to dry - lay flat in the fresh air
- no rubbing with soap, no hot water, no tumble dry
- store in a moth-free environment (sealed container or zip-lock bag)

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