I’m Mari, mum to 3 girls, graphic designer and maker of things.

I have been selling my designed kids knitwear on Etsy since 2009. After moving to hot and steamy Queensland, I lost my inspiration to make knitwear but the ingrained love of woolly fibres, designing and making things led me to set up Creatures of Yarn in 2016.


creature making PROCESS

Creatures of Yarn are wool toys designed and crocheted by my own two hands.

The inspiration for my designs comes from my kids and what they draw, watch or ask for. There is no lack of inspiration (unfortunately) for attitude.

After drawing and deconstructing the creatures, I get to do my favourite part - getting the pattern right. It usually gets couple of tries, lucky for me yarn is reusable and very forgiving. 
I like using the super fine natural white and grey wool yarn from Estonia that I hand-dye to get the colours I need.

After making all the body parts I sew and stuff them. For stuffing I use polyester filling made from recycled water bottles, it is not only good for planet but also makes the creatures super light and squishy and washable. 

more creatures!

There is only one of me and so many of you, talented and passionate makers, out there who can help me on this quest. To get the ball rolling I have written down the patterns for my most popular Creatures and that means that now you can make your own and even better, put your own spin on the design. If you are just starting out and haven’t built a yarn & tool stash then DIY kit with everything included is your safest bet. Check them all out in Crochet This section of the web shop.

I have also created some Creature merch - one can never have too many Creatures. The screen printed kids T-shirts are all organic and made using green energy. They are designed by moi and screen printed by a local maker (my secret ambition is to get my own fingers inky very soon!). There are few new useful and usable merch items coming to shop soon. You can find it all under Wear This section.

and even more

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If you want to know more, have a special request / project in mind or just feel like a chat then write to me - I love getting Creature related emails.